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Africa's Number 1 Conference Centre chooses SA's Number 1 Software House


As one of the top ten tourist destinations in the World, Cape Town is no ordinary city. So it stands to reason that the CTICC would be no ordinary convention centre. In just ten years, the CTICC is today regarded as one of the leading convention centres in the World.

Thanks to it's innovative design and meticulous attention to detail, it's comprehensive array of world-class services, five star accommodation facilities, and dedicated staff with a passion for service excellence, the CTICC consistently delivers the kind of unforgettable experience that keeps event hosts and their guests coming back - again and again.

Installation Overview

Procure.net currently handles item maintenance & debtors, procurement/ inventory and recipe/production management.

Further development will see procure.net handling various venue & conference management elements.

The stored POS terminals, prior to being used for outside functions where there is no network connectivity, will record F&B sales which will be debited to the appropriate hirer of the outside venue or event.

When these events are concluded, the POS terminals are removed and re-connected to the network to upload their debtor sales to procure.net.

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