protel Multi-property Edition (MPE)



As a central property management system, protel MPE can transform even a global hotel chain into a single unit. All connected hotels access the same guest information from a central database. Data and functions are available in real time at every property. And you can reap the enormous benefits of having clean data stocks and lean business processes.


The protel Multi Property Edition offers reservation, marketing and reporting in one package so you can monitor and control all your activities, revenues and reports across your entire organization.


protel MPE is modular by design, and can be expanded:

• protel Banquet

• protel Sales & Marketing

• protel Web Booking Engine

• protel Voyager

• protel Messenger

• protel Housekeeping App


Furthermore a wide range of extensions are available

The protel Add-ons expand the core features of protel MPE.

The protel Interfaces for protel MPE provide for a seamless

interaction with your other installed solutions.