Hotel property management software

About protel hotelsoftware


protel develops and sells technology and service solutions specifically and exclusively to the hotel industry and related Establishments. The consistent focus on the needs of this industry makes protel one of the most experienced and successful providers of professional hotel management systems.


From small individual hotels or guest houses to multinational hotel groups and Apartment living hotels - the product lines of protel hotelsoftware GmbH provide all areas with standard software solutions that can be individually customized to meet every need. It is worth noting that both the Athens and Beijing Olympics property management systems were run exclusively on a protel platform.


With Backpackers and Hostels protel uses the bed numbers instead of room numbers. In the availability screen it reflects the number of beds occupied. With interfaces to online channels like bookings lands directly on protel. The company's headquarter are located in Dortmund and is represented World wide by various resellers who have met stringent criteria, especially for after sales service. In Southern Africa, protel is represented by Ankerdata Hospitality Systems(Pty) Ltd, a long established quality provider of hospitality solutions.