Founded in 1945, Steinecke Brotmeisterei, is one of the largest bakery chains in Germany and has experienced exponential growth thanks to their absolute commitment to the highest standards of quality. Today, their number of stores exceed 800 and are still growing.

Steinecke pride themselves on their bakery products, hand made ​from selected natural raw materials using their own unique recipes.

They are particular famous for their traditional three-stage sourdough. With more than 30 unique types of bread and rolls and 35 specialties, Steinecke provides delightful diversity and a range of varied and healthy baked goods.

Of further interest is the exceptional modern design and ambience of its stores

Installation details

A highlight of the installation is the inventory & delivery management system. EasiPos Terminals record not only sales but also request new orders, GRVs and inventory data. Most stores are on a twice daily delivery schedule and such deliveries are managed centrally from information supplied by EasiPos. Additionally, EasiPos manages a very effective loyalty system, also controlled centrally with permanent updates to all stores.


About CSO / Enterprise

CSO / Enterprise consists of a unique (tried and tested) communication software application, de-ployed at Head Office and a small software agent at each store - guaranteeing secure data communication management and conrol.

The main CSO application with Qlikview as its engine allows interactive and superfast mining of BIG DATA. This is the key for the delivery schedule management and branch control.

Myriads of valuable business information and audit reports, including trends and stock requests provide HO with information to manage their branch empire. Financial control of the 800 plus Branches is another major aspect of this solution.

In addition all POS terminals are programmed from HO, an outstanding and secure way to guarantee POS compliance at all stores - saving time and BIG MONEY