Privat Backerei

On the 1 st of November 1932, the first Privat Backerei Wimmer store was opened by Luitpold Wimmer and his wife Seraphine in Görresstraße 32 in Schwabing in order to escape the global economic crises at the time.


Today, the third generation of the Wimmer family follows the traditions of the founders, providing quality breads and cakes to the public through 46 stores, all of which are located Munich.


In recognition of the need to employ the latest technologies in driving the business forward, Privat Backerei Wimmer selected EasiPos as their integrated point of sale solution with all branches controlled by EasiHQ / CSO

Eas-HQ / SCO

Easi HQ is a centralised communication software application, deployed at Head Office with a small software agent at each store, guaranteeing secure data & information.


In addition, Easi-HQ handles the programming of all remote POS terminals & the automatic sales data collection from branches, offering not only central control in near real-time, but adding a significant redundancy to the entire solution as well.


The implementation of the analytical engine QlikView, data mining & the generation of myriads of reports provides Head Office with crucial management controls.