The Country Bakery Furthmann GmbH operates mainly in the city of Solingen and currently has twenty outlets.


Furthmann specialises in traditional country style bakery products. Furthmann, in April 2014, elected to implement an EasiPos solution from dascus, Ankerdata’s partner in Germany. Shortly thereafter, dascus installed a pilot site comprising of Store Central Office (CSO / Enterprise) for branch management and administration and fully integrated with the EasiPos powered Point of Sale terminals. As a result of the pilot site exceeding expectations, Furthmann decided to implement the solution to all stores as a matter of urgency. To date, 25 POS terminals are now powered by EasiPos in 18 stores with more to follow

Installation details

The highlight of the installation is the customer reward system with loyalty points and coupons. For this purpose, dascus built a centralised customer database. All outlets are connected on-line to Furthmann HQ and thus have immediate access to the database from which they obtain customer’s scores and relevant data. The customer reward system is freely defined and configured to suit campaigns, promotions and special offers.


About CSO / Enterprise

CSO / Enterprise is a centralised communication software application, deployed at Head Office with a small software agent at each store, guaranteeing secure data communication. The Qlikview analystical engine which is part of the HO CSO allows interactive and superfast mining for BIG DATA. This is the key to obtaining meriades of valuable business information like trends and stock requests in near real-time.

In addition, CSO / Enterprise handles the programming of all remote POS terminals and the automatic sales data collection from branches, offering not only central control in near real-time, but adding a significant redundancy to the entire solution as well.