Wayne's Coffee

Privately owned Wayne’s Coffee is Scandinavia’s leading coffee shop chain with around 60,000 customers served every day.


Currently, Wayne's Coffee operates over 220 shops with a total turnover in excess 60 million Euros and is one of the largest franchise companies in Scandinavia.


The chain is run and steered from Wayne’s Coffee’s International Head Quarters in Stockholm, where a small and highly efficient team focuses on operational support, R&D, sales and marketing. Wayne’s has recently opened outlets outside of Scandinavia in Cyprus and the Middle East and plans to have a total of 1000 stores within the next few years. 

Better than the Cloud

When bandwidth and/or line cost limitations make Cloud Computing impossible, EasiHQ / CSO overcomes this by linking supply chain management systems with all stores.

In addition, EasiHQ / CSO handles the programming of all remote POS terminals including the automatic sales data collection from all stores, offering not only central control in near real-time, but adding significant redundancy to the entire solution as well.

By employing the analytical engine QlikView, data mining & the generation of myriads of reports provides Head Office with the required controls – this is the story behind the success of Scandinavian’s largest Coffee Chain.

Ankerdata’s business partner in Germany, Dascus, has been involved with EasiPos for many years and provides advanced solutions with professional support.