Sun City

Historical - Installation Highlights


1. Warehouse module Centralized price negotiations utilizes the Bidsheet for supplier list prices & quotes. Consolidation of resort wide stock requests via the Picking List. Multiple price level authorization on Stock Requests & Orders. In transit rolltainer & serial number delivery controls. Outstanding deliveries analysis for inventory in transit.


2. Resorts F&B control. Includes functionality such as Menu Engineering, recipe analysis, food cost control & export to financial packages such as Accpac and Oracle.


3. Maintenance department control. Generation of “job cards” for maintenance procedures & non-inventory items i.e. Live concerts & performances


4. Concessionaire integrations. Concessionaires purchase inventory from the central warehouse at cost + markup or at a predetermined selling price as captured & quoted by the Warehouse. Concessionaires are invoiced based on the total purchases on a monthly basis.


5. Annual Nedbank Golf Challenge module. Procure manages the entire inventory control process between central Warehouse and multiple Concessionaires/Sponsors.

 About Sun City


Sun City is unique in the context of world resorts, with a combination of features unmatched anywhere, drawing thousands of visitors each year to its four top-quality hotels & Vacation Club plus magnificent sporting & recreational facilities including two world class golf courses & the magical Lost City water-park, the Valley of Waves.