In 1861, the firm was founded as a mill in the Saxon village Stangengrün. For generations, the family business was run as a small mill with an attached bakery.

At the time of the German Democratic Republic regime, the mill was forced to cease production. After the reunification of Germany in 1991, the present company director Volker Seifert took over the family business with only three employees.

Through extensive investments, the “Stangengrüner” Mill Bakery developed into what is now a competitive and modern medium-sized family business, with a production area of over 6,000 m², 110 sales branches in Saxony, Thuringia and Bavaria and over 700 employees.

Today, the “Stangengrüner” Mill Bakery uses the latest technologies and provides its customers with a wide variety of quality products, many of which are based on traditional recipes.

About CSO (Easi-HQ)

CSO (Easi-HQ) is a centralised communication software application, deployed at Head Office with a small software agent at each store, guaranteeing secure data & information. In addition, CSO (Easi-HQ) handles the programming of all remote POS terminals & the automatic sales data collection from branches, offering not only central control in near real-time, but adding a significant redundancy to the entire solution as well.


The implementation of the analytical engine QlikView, data mining & the generation of myriads of reports provides Head Office with crucial management controls. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics / Navision (ERP software) is fully integrated with Easi-HQ.