Royal Cape Yacht Club

History - Royal Cape Yacht Club


The Club was founded as the Table Bay Yacht Club in 1905 and the club's name was changed in 1914 to the Cape Yacht Club. When the Royal Charter was received, the club became the Royal Cape Yacht Club.


After the 2nd World War the present clubhouse was built and additions took place when the local yachting boom - started by the first TransAtlantic Race from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro in 1971 - took off and grew the membership of 300 to over 2,000. Boat accommodation progressed from swing moorings to the marina's of today and control passed from amateur committees to professional staff.


International events have included the Whitbread Race, BT Global Challenge, BOC Around Alone Race, Volvo Race, The Lisbon Expo 98, Clippers, and the Hong Kong Challenge, to name but a few. 

A fully integrated solution from Ankerdata controls procurement, inventory & menu engineering and exports its summary data, i.e., inventory, claims etc to the club’s Pastel accounting system daily.


Enterprise consolidates all Point of Sale data and provides central control of all front end transactions with extensive data mining options and the programming of the POS terminals.


EasiPos handles the billing in the bars and the restaurant. Different price levels for members and non-members are automatically achieved via members RF cards. A new real time interface links the EasiPos transaction directly into the members accounts in the Pastel accounting system. Charge transactions are thus online without human intervention.


The RCYC has the choice to handle Debit and/or Credit accounts with the club retaining the credit deposits. A key advantage of the credit system is to run a completely cashless bar and restaurant for members with the club having all the funds upfront