Northlink College - Hotel School

Cape Town’s Northlink Hotel School Training Facility selects protel hotelsoftware from Ankerdata.


After a due diligence study in computerised hotel information systems, Northlink chose protel hotelsoftware for it‟s new Property Management Systems training facility. Thirty workstations were commissioned, each running protel MPE from a central server.


protel hotelsoftware comfortably surpassed stringent criteria, including ease of use, ease of management, operational speed, core technology requirements and interface range.


About Northlink


Northlink College was established in 2002, following the merger of four colleges in the northern suburbs of the Cape Town metropole. The name is a combination of “North”, reflecting the geographical positioning of the institution in Cape Town and „link” for the college merge.


About Northlink Hotel School


The campus in Tygerberg was initiated to meet the growing demand for qualified people in hotels, holiday resorts, restaurants, guesthouses and many other establishments in the hospitality industry. The courses offered at Northlink Hotel School are accredited & certified by City+Guilds - qualifications which are recognised in 80 countries around the world. The National Diploma is accredited by the DOE (Department of Education).