About MoiYa


The latest addition to the Namibian foodie world is MoiYa Artisan Deli, at the Village on Liliencron. They have a small and changing lunch menu every day for guests to enjoy in their beautiful garden setting. Food is well-priced and tasty and just the right portion for lunch. Being a true deli, however, they offer a large variety of hand-crafted chocolates, single-variety olives and olive oil, fresh produce from the Organic Box, and bread freshly baked on site. All is set for this intimate place to become Windhoek's new hotbed of epicurean delights

Installation notes


Of particular interest is the use of the EasiDebtors module. Moiya sells membership vouchers for N$500 or N$ 1000 and captures the customers details in its debtors database. Customers can then spend their voucher total at anytime and when their voucher amount is exhausted, new vouchers can be purchased.


Not only does this encourage customer spend, it also benefits Moiya in that they have customer’s money upfront and a customer database for direct marketing and loyalty rewards. For member’s purchases, the remaining amount on credit is printed on the receipt with the customer’s name and details.