IBM Ireland

The Client: IBM Ireland


IBM is the World’s largest provider of advanced information technology. In Ireland alone over 3000 people are employed mostly at their Dublin Head Office.


The client’s brief

IBM required a Point of Sale solution for their six office & campus canteens with emphasis on ease of operation, ease of management, reliability and low cost of ownership.

The solution

Twelve EasiPos terminals were commissioned in IBM’s three Dublin Locations. On line scales allow the quick sale of weighable meals. 

Ankerdata’s partner in Ireland, CBE, is the market leader in retail technology.


Founded in 1980, the company has led the way by developing ground-breaking innovations in the retail sector. CBE has won various industry awards for its cutting edge software and integrated EPoS solutions. EasiPos has been an integral part of CBE’s offerings for over 5 years. A little more than 200 EasiPos sites have been commissioned in this period.