Hotel Verde Cape Town

Embracing its title as the “greenest hotel in Africa”, Hotel Verde, by BON Hotels, is blazing a trail of innovation and setting new standards of excellence across the industry.


Situated at Cape Town International Airport, Hotel Verde plans to play a big role in uplifting and empowering the community, as well as preserving the natural wetlands that teem with life in that area.


Construction on Hotel Verde, began over a year ago with a team of contractors and experts dedicated to finding the alternative. The team at Hotel Verde have gone to the greatest extent yet seen on the continent – from locally sourced suppliers to sustainable practices on the building site to multiple ways in which they can generate their own electricity and reduce waste to almost zero. 

The word “Verde” means green. In keeping with this concept, Ankerdata applied innovation, affordability and streamlining, integrating Point of Sale, front office, accounts, Inventory and other apps into a cohesive and all in one state of the art solution.


In a notable World first, protel BMS (Building Management Interface) applies an automatic daily discount for guests who do not use air conditioners. Furthermore, “Sign-me” applications at the front desk allows all signature based forms to be signed on iPads and stored centrally – speeding up the check-out process and resulting in a true paperless trail.


Importantly, protel central reservations with sales & marketing interface, allows for full access in off or on mode at both ends